Monday, May 15, 2006

New Jersey: At least we don't have gators eating people like in your crap state.

Also, there's something I wanted to tell you about, because sometimes, KITTIES JUST GOTSTA HUG!!!


I want a Honda Fit. I like Hondas. I like little cars that are easy to park. But I am not going to spend money on it.

I loved tonight's Hoboken Comedy Night. The performers were so enjoyable.

Hey, guess what, I am gonna bitch about something that sucks. But then get over it. But I am a little excited cause I can bitch about this here. Often times I don't bitch about stuff that's really bothering me, especially stuff in the past fews days, because I have to protect people's anonymity. But hellz yeah I am pissed at someone who totally doesn't read this! Yay ...

So: My friend is living in this amazing apartment in Manhattan that's an incredible price for what it is. She just moved in and it's a 3-bedroom and one person is moving out next month. So I talked to her and they were all like- yay you should totally take this room, no hesitation at all- the girl had excitement about the idea of me moving in. And then I told my roommate about it- and it was awful timing cause she had a lot going on and I didn't want to stress her out- but I also couldn't wait to tell her cause it was time sensitive. Anyway, I figure shit out with my roommate and my landlord (my lease was ending soon anyhow) and then I think I'm all good to go. Only my friend says this girl wants to see new people to have them look at the apartment- strangers off craigs list. Long story short, I have to wait for days to get an answer out of this girl, only for her to say that she doesn't like the idea of me moving in cause me and the other girl are already friends and she wont feel comfortable and will feel left out or something. cuntcuntcuntcuntcunt. Anyways, it was very shitty cause I had to make arrangements in response to the situation all for not. So yeah, for those of you who I told I may be moving to Manhattan- I'm not. Yet. Fall or Winter I'll be searching for a reasonable place. Bollux.

PS- I think I figured something about finding meaning in things. I spend much time engaged in circular, frustrating thoughts about the meaninglessness of existence, but recently I realized that like love, meaning is not something you can search for or find. If you go about looking for meaning, you can't find it. Meaning happens. Relationships, moments, and circumstances happen and you can't control that much. There is nothing you can do to guarantee fulfillment or success or meaning in your life. Just do what you believe is right and life takes it from there.

Peace out Sunday.

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