Friday, May 12, 2006

Stuff that happened recently

Yo check out this recent discovery I made:

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Bitches want modest apparel right quickly!

Last night at the Sirius radio launch of OutQ radio, I saw a live performance by Rufus Wainwright. Goddamn that man has a beautiful voice. And he's so pretty. Kind of like a less insane looking Cillian Murphy. Sigh ... Hmm. I wonder which gay celeb I'd like to un-gay the most. Well, actually this one guy that we work with, Wilfried. He's one of the hottest people I've ever seen. Here's a picture of him on a boxcover. (He's not naked and he's the one on the right)

I was at a French restaurant for lunch today. I had heard of sweetbreads before and knew they were something gross but not exactly what they were. So I figured why eat chicken when I can eat somethin crazy that I might not like ...and they were delicious. I thought they were brains but then googled them when I got back to work. Here, learn with me:
Sweetbreads are the thymus and pancreas glands of animals. They are a light meat that is firmer in texture than brains.

My favorite website that I learned about from an industry magazine that I get at work is mean bitches. They are the best! You must read about them and all the face sitting that they do. NSFW.

And I just got the worst manicure ever from a Vietnamese trannie who I believe was coked up. She kind of threw stuff at my nails. Then I paid her. God that was so hot.

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