Monday, May 29, 2006


Ok so here we are and the Day has been memorialized. It's Tuesday, and it's almost June. Let's see what we've got on the table:

1 salmon, whole, wild Alaskan
2 pocketbooks full of styrofoam pellets
5 half-eaten yogurt cups, lemon chiffon
1 smaller table
6 European lotions, spa treatments specifically for the upper arm
1 Pamphlet for Devry University, ample candle wax drippings all over its surface

Do you see the table? Do you see its contents? (in your mind's eye) Good. This is the table of my soul. Now that I have let you in, please help me. My soul is crap. I want diamond encrusted kitties rather than what I have got. But you can't always get what you want. But you can always hit. Don't forget your human capacity to hit in the face. Also, don't forget your ability to google the word capacity.

NOW- what do I have on the figurative table?
I am a new contributor to It's a really cool website that describes itself as such: "We are a bunch of women hand-picked by Meme for our good looks, wit, style and our uncanny ability to make complete asses of ourselves in socially awkward situations." My first article is up today. It's dirty and if you like it when I talk like that, you'll like this. I will be writing for girlspoke every Tuesday. Thanks Meme!

And I have a show tonight that I very much want you to attend. I'll give you free beer if you do! See the show info below. (At the PIT at 8pm)

So this awesomely whacky makeup artist I know has created the ultimate website for chicks who love products- the kinds that you put on your face.
Check out which goodies get KJ's seal of approval here.

On Friday night I had a great time at Lit Lounge. It was a mixture of one part good company and one part awesome DJ. Catchdubs rocked our night really hard and it enabled us to freely dance like fools with much enthusiasm. I asked him for his card and he gave me a free CD of his music. Score! It was the perfect accompaniment for this weekend of sunshine. Check out Catchdubs.

I've loved David Rees for a long time. If you've spotted me in a tshirt that reads "My Fighting Techniques are Unstoppable." it's from him. Here's a video of the man lecturing at Columbia and talking about his well-known clipart comics. There's parts you'll want to fast forward, but it's a great bit of political discussion fused with funny. Click here for David Rees Columbia lecture.

This is a gallery
of famous people from the past few decades who've done nude or semi-nude Rolling Stone covers. It's got everything from OJ Simpson to 90's Anniston. I hope some day they feature naked animals touching each other. But then again, who doesn't?

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