Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why was Mark so Angry at his Balls? And other unsolved mysteries ...

You must watch this video: Stephen Colbert's Blistering Performance Mocking Bush and the Press Goes Ignored by the Media.

I have a friend participating in this beard competition.

Here's a new Sufjan Stevens song to download: Dear Mr. Supercomputer. (right click, save target as)

I don't know what last night's post was all about, but that's the risk you take when you have both internet access and a drink or two all up in your grill. I had fun last night at a Cinco De Mayo party. There were pinatas and candy coming out of them and I love that fact about last night. I took way too many pictures cause I felt every moment of whacking was exciting. Ahhh.... trip down memory lane time:

I love smashing or breaking stuff. Not good stuff. Stuff that should be broken. Like those guys in Office Space smashing that printer. Back in the day I liked to hang out with kids who were bad, but not really bad. Like kids that did some drugs and alcohol and were promiscuous, but they were nice and did fine in school and are probably not in jail today. Anyway, it seemed a popular pasttime around my town for people to throw old tvs off this one bridge. That was pretty cool. I remember me and my college boyfriend searching around the state of New Jersey for a good place to smash this old tv we scored but we had a really hard time finding a good spot. The old bridge wouldn't work for that anymore. Instead, we smashed it on the side of my house with a wrench and then cleaned it up afterwards. But sometimes I like good, oldfashioned, super harmless smashing- like food. Food is really great to step on or smoosh. Like, if you are fortunate enough to happen upon a grape or an orange in the street. You must step on it and smoosh it because it is just so much FUN.

Have you heard about new new rooftop bar at 230 Fifth (at 26th)?

Damn, RooftopBar, you nasty.

Ok. I know this blog is pretty tame right now. But don't worry. I got stuff building and brewing and when I unleash it upon you, it will be ungodly.

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