Wednesday, June 28, 2006

dramtically expanding pony (this is not a spam)

I think that Ranch Hands are really funny.

Mark "Dancypants" Leyrer
says: "ive been good, i have another interview on friday so im hoping that goes well.. i had a weird dream last night. about tangles webs and a random girl from HS squatting/bouncing on them sorta like hopscotch. and then a dramtically expanding pony from far then near, that got awkwardly close until i was afraid that he was going to bite me and how unexpectedly damaging a bite from a pony would be even if the pony didnt mean it..."

Wolkin gave me the best gift I ever received (this link, not the things within the link):

Today's NY Times- Subway Groping: Women Speak Out.
It's amazing to me what some people don't realize. I've been groped and exposed to public gennies a lot. My friends too. My friend Maria had a dude in Rome put his thingy on her leg in the subway and it was so packed she couldn't move. When I was on the Roman subway (at 17), every adult male palmed my ass. There've been worse. Lots of dudes seem to want young ladies to see their weiners. But though I'd like it to lead to me punching them in their stupid faces, more often then not it leads to the momentary paralyzing fear inherent in surprise. One of these days I'll materialize my anger in violence. Godwilling.

Ok- I have all sorts of reflecting to do, and I'd like to do it soon. I think Thursday I'll stay in and write. Till then, check out this amazing creation from Lucas Entertainment:
I am hoping to further test this challenge using water displacement methods.

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