Thursday, June 15, 2006

Entrevous my little evening si vous plait

Ok, I think I even weirded myself out last night. I went to a release party for Thinking XXX on DVD, in which my boss stars. As his handy dandy publicist, I was there to make shit happen, if possible.

- So there's this documentary-type thingy being done about me and last night was the first time I got followed around with a camera. It was quite a task keeping on top on Michael, pornstars, press (there was a TON of it), friends around me, and my camera, but I managed to do it and actually have some fun too.

- Savannah Samson insisted on taking pictures of my feet. Straight porn people are craazayy.

- Ew! Ron Jeremy kissed me on the cheek. So dirty! Ew, but you know what was actually grosser? When Tom Green kissed me at a bar a few years ago. That SOB eats weird stuff and slobbered all over my face. I've been kissed by grossies. But hey, at least they are C-list celebrity grossies.

- My boss managed to embarrass me more than I thought possible. A young gentleman who I am involved with was nice enough to meet me at the end of the night so I didn't have to walk home in those impossible heels and tight dress alone. And when I introduced him to my boss, the boss exclaims- "Oh, so you're the one with the blank blank" Just fill in the damn blanks yourself, people. It wasn't good. I made some freakin girltalk and it bites me in the ass. But the young gentleman proved himself to be a really good sport about it. Which makes him kind of awesome. Not too many
guys could brush off a gay pornstar making comments about your secret places.

- I saw Mariel Hemmingway in the Hotel Lobby. She's thinner than other stuff that's really thin!

is a great new website. They mentioned Hoboken Comedy Night today- yay! BTW don't you f'ing forget to come to the show on Sunday at 8pm at 10th & Park in Hoboken, or I will Tanya Harding your stupid shins.

I think this story is really funny. I've met that guy a bunch out and about. So sad.

Ok mofos! I'm outta here.

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