Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Feelin good.

Dude. I feel like I am on happy pills. So many things are going so well lately I am kind of surprised. Especially work and comedy. Good things:
1- I just finished watching the rough cut of The Dangerous Liaisons documentary. It's GREAT. It is so funny and entertaining and I am sure it will be a hit. It's being screened at a film festival in July so I'm really looking forward to the premier. I guess the next step will be working to get it shown in better venues, possibly cable. I showed the trailer here once before and the trailer is nowhere near as cool as the final product.

2- I am going to a special event tomorrow and I realized that I have overworn most of my dresses. So I contacted my friends at Alessandro Dell'Acqua and they are going to help me out! His designs are incredible.

3- I finally figured out the major plot elements of a stage comedy I am writing.

4- More standup material has been coming to me lately that is better than some of the vapid crap I have talked about before.

5- We are shooting a really cool scene here today. The set is great and it was fun to watch them build it. Especially the glory hole!

Here's what I like to call "Fun at work"(with a candy bar):
Fun at work!

I'm also really glad that I puked last night (again, sheesh), this time not because of overdrinking. I think I ate something bad. There's too much happy good things happening, even more than I mentioned. I believe that for every good thing that happens, something equally bad will probably come along and visa versa, so I'm kind of scared of disappointments and things getting fucked up. Puking unexpectedly is a bad thing that I can deal with. Plus who wants those yucky food calories anyways!

Ok, that's all. Toodellooo shnookems!

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