Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fresh Items:

Today I wrote a blog over at girlspoke.com.

Also, you can check out my weiner essay over at sirensmag.com if you haven't peeped it before.

And tomorrow, you must attend this event- I'll be there and it's gonna be fun and whacky. Meet me in the Virgin Megastore in Union Square at 7pm!

The tragedy of the day is as follows:
Last night when I got home and was really wasted, I took this big lettucey salad out of the fridge, and proceeded to eat it in my bed. Somehow I managed to spill it all in my lap and my bed. So my pajama-ed crotch was covered in salad. I had my camera in arms' reach so I was able to take a fantastic photo of it. Unfortuntely, iPhoto freaked out and ATE all the photos out of my motherfucking camera. I can't wait till Bill Gates figures out a way to bitchslap Steve Jobs' software and visa versa. Like Jobs- seriously, for all those times that fucking paperclip bitch suggested crap to me I didn't want to do whilst in a Word Document- AND NO I DO NOT WANT TO REVERT TO THE NORMAL DOCUMENT TEMPLATE.

That's all folks ... for now.

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