Friday, June 09, 2006

I like big kitties and I cannot lie

Today a homeless man got tasered by the cops on the street on 8th ave btwn 38th and 39th.

Later, in an unrelated incident, my coworkers surprised me with a cake and flowers. (yay)

And then, I went to a shoe store and tried on 2 pairs of shoes.
Me: (after trying on the first pair) Ew, these look weird
Shoeman: No, they look great, you look great in them. You want them.
Me: No, I don't want them.
Shoeman: You will look great in these (shows me another shoe)
Me: No, I don't like those, I want to try on the other shoe.
Shoeman: Why, you will look great in these, you want them.
Me: (trying on other shoes) I like these. They are great. I will take them.
Shoeman: You want to buy them in other colors too.
Me: No, I don't.
Shoeman: If you leave the store without the other colors you will come back wanting more.
Me: Dude, cut it out.
Shoeman: You will want them, I promise.
Me: Seriously, stop it.
Read this article about Hoboken Comedy Night. And then come to the next show, June 18.

I like Phillip Toledano's pictures, especially his "Marks" series.
One thing I really appreciate about the city is the silence in the noise. At any moment the streets can be buzzing with people, events, machines, things falling, jumping, smashing, moving. Yet at any moment you can stand still and it will feel quiet. The sunlight seems to make things especially personal. Visibility decreases as people squint their eyes. It's easier to be in your own world. The city is a million happenings at once in the same place, yet anonymity is abundant.

So many things existing all at once, yet so much order within disorder. This whole world has such a natural flow. Little bits of chaos blend in with the vastness of all other things. It makes me think that we are generally good, well behaved people. Very few "ruptures". Reminds me of something in Gray's Warriors, where he talks about "rupture" as this erosion of values, a moment when someone crosses a line- the moment someone behaves in a way they know is wrong. In his example he discusses systematic killings and rapings and how some soldiers find themselves doing these things. Anyhow, its about how a person is capable to veering out of the silent buzz of what is and ruptures, acts in a way that destroys, and creates chaos. I was just thinkin about that when I was crossing the street today.


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