Sunday, June 11, 2006

I puked on the PATH train!

When I turned 25, I puked on public transport for the very first time! In all my years taking subways and PATH, I've quite hated seeing nasty random puke on the ground- but this time- I was that special girl who did it! Seriously, it's way more fun when you do it yourself. I was just kind of sitting there very wasted and it snuck up on me. I ripped some pages out of a magazine I had in my purse, wiped it off, and went into the next train where my act was completely unbeknownst to them.

Actually, Friday night was one of the first nights in a while where I forgot stuff I said and did. And you know what? It's totally refreshing. I even texted someone the letter "F" at 4am. I'm awesome!

Well kids, what's been going on in miss fink's lifeypoo anyways?
Hmmm... I'm doing some more "projects" and involving myself in the world of television a bit more lately, but I'm going to have to remain vague on that.

Oooh- so, I got the best birthday surprise ever. Who loves Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails like sooo much? Me. Ok. So he's like one celebrity I could still get childlike excitement about meeting, and I've wanted to meet him forever. And next weekend, I am able to go backstage with them and go to their afterparty and stuff. I am pumped.

I got a new roommate. She's cool.

In work related cool shit: My boss is gonna be a feature story in New York Magazine, we are going to be participating in this big porn convention in the city next weekend: The Exotic Erotic Ball. That'll be a little creepy and probably also fun and interesting. I think Tommy Lee is gonna be there. Also, my boss is going to be the first gay pornstar ever to do an instore signing special event thingy at Virgin Megastore. It'll be at the one in Union Square on June 21. I'm also attending some cool event for the HBO release of the Thinking XXX DVD on Wednesday. I'm not sure what to wear ...

My digital camera finally broke so I ordered a new one off the internet. Why did it brake? Cause lube got all over it. Why did lube get all over it? Cause I had a bottle in my purse that opened up all over and covered my camera. When did I discover it? While awkwardly eating dinner with people I didn't know that well. Yeah. Nothin's better than reaching your hand into your purse and having it come out all lubed up. Nothing. So anyways, no pictures from this weekend.

Who was the stylist on Heather Mills McCartney's naked pics! OMG mothafucka! Nothing is hotter than feathered hair and monster bush- 4 real sucka.

Holy shit that backlighting feels good.

Thanks to Devon, I was able to see this moment in time: click here. Make sure you watch this video.

Which reminds me of something I did in 5th grade. Ya see, back in the early 90s in the Roxbury Municipal school district, they hand picked weird little smart fuckers to be in this thing called the "Enrichment Program", and it only existed during 4th and 5th grades. They separate these kids from the other kids and have them do weird stuff. We put on plays that were modern adaptations of old stuff. In 5th grade, we did Pinurchio. Like Pinoccio- but it was Urkel. Seriously. And so we did this huge choreographed dance where we learned the actual Urkel. And I got to be in front cause I was the only person who could do the critical move at the end where you bend all the way backwards and then come up. I was so motherfucking proud motherfucker. I still am.

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