Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let's Party!

(pic via queerty)
Cassette Tapes for Belt Buckles! Yee Haw.

Trucker Fags in Denial: The title of a new comic book. Must check it out. (thanks Wolkin, for the recommendation). The newest comic I am reading is 100 Bullets. There was a newscaster in the comic book store yesterday commenting on how the new Batwoman is gonna be a lipstick lez. Amazing that that news was bigger than blogs.

A restaurant in Hollywood actually cared about Fred Savage showing up at their establishment.

Check out this awesome interview of Xmen actresses, where Halle Berry and Anna Paquin demonstrate how they have nothing in common. Favorite exerpts include:
PAQUIN: I managed to survive three action comic-book movies and pretty much almost not to see one single bit of real violence or, you know, action sequences.

BERRY: You'll have to do a Rogue spinoff, just so you can do something.

PAQUIN: Dude, I don't know if anybody wants to see that, actually.

BERRY: Well, you got a great love story. I didn't have that. I got no action and no story. I had nothing.

PAQUIN: I had some gloves.

BERRY: It's a woman's right to change her hair, and I think it's not by mistake that all the women have different hair, like, every time.

PAQUIN: I don't.

BERRY: That's what women do. We change our hair.

PAQUIN: I don't.

Q: You don't what?

PAQUIN: I don't have different hair. I'm never different.
Complainey celebs are the bomb.

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