Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yo Saturday- I had fun at the NIN Concert- lots n lots!

Ok, so I didn't get to go backstage with Trent Reznor because the person who had the connection had a family emergency and couldn't go last minute. BUT I had so much fun and an awesome time anyway. We took the train so that neither of us would have to worry about driving just in case we ended up seeing Mister NIN ReznorSoAwesome in person and wanted to see where the night would take us. But instead of a cool story of meeting NIN, instead, we very much enjoyed our FRONT ROW seats (no mosh pit in front of us- we were like ON the stage). (See pictures from the tour here. Click on them on the sidebar of the page)

Trent Reznor is so incredible. Everything about his performance was perfect. The man is in his 40s and rocks out like a teenage athelete. His voice was flawless like on a record. In each song, he thrashed about and perfomed his heart out. We could even see his Ballsweat soaked pants we were so close! I loved the songs, but was sad that this is my second show and he still didn't play my favorite song, We're in this Together Now. But he played a lot of songs from Pretty Hate Machine- including Something I Can Never Have. I also got some ok pics which I will post on Monday (I left the camera chord at work). The people there were so odd cause it was obvious that this was a 90s show. It was mostly older kids. Few people were dressed goth. I guess that time is over. But fucking crap- Trent's all into exercise instead of drugs now, and he looks so fucking smokin. I just screamed my head off and danced around as violently as possible (without people mistaking it for medical or mental disturbance) like he was the Beatles. Cause to me- Trent Reznor is freakin John Lennon.

those lips! those arms! Aye!

Anyhow, at the end of the night we didn't want to bother with the train so we tried to hitch a ride with concertgoers that were heading to NYC (I was with a guy so it didn't seem too dangerous). Unfortunately everyone we asked was going to suburbia. We ended up getting a ride in the TAG Body Spray Van and we even got dropped off in Manhattan where we wanted to be! We only paid for tolls and that's all they wanted! The people in the Van were these funny kids from queens and they were really unprofessional about their job but it was so entertaining- for example, they yelled out the window at this couple "Do her in the butt!" Imagine having that yelled at you by a TAG Body Spray Van that is supposed to give out free samples? Hilarity!

Then we went to McManus and saw some friends and got really wasted really fast. And on the walk home, these lesbians walked with us and somehow ended up hanging with us, and they totally wanted to do me! But I'm shy so they didn't do me. Plus I like weiners better. In the morning we tried to go to Outback steakhouse but they weren't open. It was so sad cause I still have a yearnin' for some juicy steaks. (ok people, I left it wide open, now's a good time to make a double entendre)

Tonight is the Erotic Exotic Ball hosted by Tommy Lee and Tera Patrik. She's my favorite female pornstar. Weird right? That I even have one? Well, I read the industry mags and I always like her interviews and the way she promotes herself and her new company. I think she will do really well with it.

Other stuff:

Fuck yeah Haagen Daaz new flavor is Mayan Chocolate! Sounds so tasty I could tittyfuck a gallon of it!
Can I get a hellz yeah for HD's swiss chocolate almond flavor? Any other fans out there? It drives me nutz! Ha, nutz! NUTS :)

Hot soccer players!!

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