Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Check out these sex machines!

And I don't mean the metal thing- I mean those guys! I did them in their butts. Old people are so cute!

I also girlspoked today.

Comic conventions are cool- here Borat visits the one in San Diego.

Video from when my boss n I went to Yale in Feb.

NY Mag's Cheap Eats Guide.

And I'm seeing this on Saturday:
THE OTHER NETWORK - Saturday, July 29, 10:00pm at Mo Pitkin's, 34, Ave. A
Un-Cabaret's collection of the best un-aired TV shows ever made introduced by their creators:
"HEAT-VISION & JACK" The awesome, incomparable action-comedy by DAN HARMON & ROB SCHRAB, directed by Ben Stiller, with an inspired performance by JACK BLACK as a super-intelligent ex-astronaut, Owen Wilson as the voice of his talking motorcycle, and Ron Silver as himself, the villainous actor/NASA enforcer.

"NORTH HOLLYWOOD" A brilliant coming-of-age story by JUDD APATOW featuring Amy Poehler as one of a group of Hollywood hopefuls, includes an astonishing performance by Judge Reinhold playing himself.

"LOOKWELL" The legendary pilot by CONAN O'BRIEN & ROBERT SMIGEL, featuring an amazing performance by Adam West as an actor who played a detective on TV and can't let it go.

How awesome does that look? Very. I wonder who will be there to present the show. I like Conan and Judge Reinhold and Poehler and Judd Apatow. All those shows seem like they would entertain me. Yay Saturday yay Saturday.

I tried to sit down to write while something played it the background. It was War of the Worlds which I hadn't seen already. I heard it sucked. It did not suck. I couldn't stop watching. I thought it was great! Very scary and imaginitive with great lighting, fx, and acting. I don't like Cruise but he did well here. Them kids are great too. The ending is lame and the sciencey stuff isn't perfect, but all in all a really well done suspense movie. Speilberg did well.

And this Wednesday (today) I am a guest on Frowned Upon's talk show.
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