Friday, July 28, 2006

A contest!

Here's an excerpt from a thingy I wrote, I was asked to write a sketch for a news show:

Female Newscaster: In local news, Warry the warbear, fuzzy king of biological warfare, took consumers by surprise when it spontaneously omitted mustard gas from it's plastic eyeballs and intermittently urinated live poisonous jelly fish; killing a handsome group of spritely little boys on Sunday.

Warbear Company Rep: You see, we were hoping to capture the warlike essence that we know a teddybear has the potential to produce; however, we did not think that our efforts to produce a warlike bear could have had any real world consequences. We were all taken completely by surprise upon discovering that in fact, things happen when you set up a situation in which such things happening becomes favorable. When we created a bear that could omit poisonous gasses and urinate a species of sea-life, we were so overtaken by the joy of our creation, we simply could not fathom the pain, suffering, and death of children that Warry brought about. And to the families of the dead babies and little children, what can I say, shit happens. I’m sorry, I mean, life is hard and then you die.

I'd like to request from readers that they send me homemade drawings or renderings on their computer of Warry. The best one wins something good.
Send them to:


PS- Sexytime is tonight, 11pm at Mo Pitkins


UPDATE: The bar has been raised. This submission, sent in my Mr. Manu, is the current frontrunner:

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