Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I don't hate hipsters.

I really don't.

I think a lot of your hipster hate is misdirected. It's teenagers and young-folk, and they are annoying no matter what fashion trends they adopt. There's nothing wrong with dressing in the clothes of this era and enjoying the creative counter culture.

Stop hating hipsters you hipster haters.
You think you're so cool that you're better than cool- well who's the hipster now, eh! It's cool to hate hipsters, isn't it?!

You should be ashamed.

Now go put on some fucking legwarmers and behave.


And this is from last night at the Chicks N Giggles show:

(Photo by Brian Van)
Thank you to Brandy, Christina, David, Shayna, Lisa, Adam, Eric, Meme and Meme's friend who likes to bang hookers for coming to the show!

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