Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I was just thinking,
Writing is like hunting
hunting for things that are already inside you. Sometimes it takes time to find out what's in there and where the jokes are. But when you catch em it's satisfaction.


Well, here we are, 4th o' July. This past month has been the best of my life so far. I'm just a happy little bunny. Life has been bountifully better than worse and all of the shit that's been handed my way is the kind of crap that I can take no problem. I ran into a bit more bad luck in the past few days, but I find it well deserved considering all the happiness. I believe in emotional communism, pleasure and pain should be equitably distributed among the masses.

I smoked so much whacky tobabacky on Friday night that I'd like to take a break for a little while and stick to getting wasted. While under the influence of the herbal treatment, which we enjoyed on a rooftop, we got locked out of the building on said rooftop. It was so scary up there being all stuck! And my friend freaked me out by climbing down the fire escape (which didn't work)- gadzooks (madlibs holla)! When we got back in (thanks to his roommate and our cellphones) I ate all of his stuff. Most equisite, beyond his plentiful cheerios, was my spoonfull of peanut butter and nutella. Mmmmm.

The next morning, I discovered my car had been booted and towed. Fucking A! Well, that encouraged me to deposit my car with my parents at the end of my weekend. Stupid cars and stupid parking of cars. Grrr.

This weekend was fantastic. I detoxed and relaxed. It's been a while since I've had innocent fun, so that was cool. I went to Rhode Island with two ladies. My girl Shayna has the coolest grandmother ever. She's 90 and teaches aerobics and is totally with it. Absolutely delightful. And Shayna is from the same town where my dad grew up, so I saw his house- we used to visit my grandparents there all the time. It had been 9 years so that was kinda cool. After that we went with Liz to her gorgeous waterfront house. It was so relaxing, and her family was cool too. I ate the most kickass seafood, 2 nights of grilled swordfish, and on the last day I drove all over RI till I found the ultimate seafood feast- 30 bucks included clam chowder, salad, lobster, Ipswich steamers, homemade pie with homemade whipped cream, and my beverage- and the waitress was delightful! Ugh it all felt so good in my mouth. Anyways, I bought a styrofoam cooler and some ice and brought back lobsters, steamers, and lobster hats for my family, got to see them yesterday, and then headed back to NYC where I got to invite xtreme wastedness into my brain again. Why? Because I like to! Last night was a nice hot n sweaty summer night with good company and plentiful drinks. And tonight I'm gonna enjoy the fireworks on a friend's east side rooftop. Hell yeah, life. Give it to me good.

And on this holiday, I hope life gives it to you good, too. Right in your favorite body cavities.


Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave your Lover is a really great song
when your ipod is being really awesome to you during shuffling, it's enjoyable to firmly encourage it with the words "Fuck yeah ipod! You kick ass!" when you are alone in your car
it's really fun to blast "I want to fuck you like an animal" while driving slowly through suburbia with an innocent smile on your face as families play in their yards
Water is not an adequate substitute for milk in cereal.

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