Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm gonna tell you all about the time that I pooped blood.

No I'm not! Sillies. As a refined lady I don't even have an anus, rather, I have a decorative hole near my womanly cavity.

Nah, I'll tell you about other stuff instead.

I am writing you from the sanctuary of my peaceful apartment AND LOVING IT!

On Friday some unexpected badness came about. Dealing with this totally exacerbated all and any anxieties, insecurities, stress, and bad feelings that I had been experiencing in the past few weeks. In contrast to the excellent month I had in June, July had really sucked so far- many good things seemed to be falling apart. I hit a momentary low that felt so similar to where I was 2 years ago when my world turned to poop. Anyhow, the day served as a great catharsis for all of the shit I needed to get out of my mind so that things could get better, and they did the very next morning and have continued this way for some time now.

On Saturday I went on a trip with RuPaul, Michael Musto, Bruce Vilanch, my boss, and others. The premiere of a Documentary about one of our adult masterpieces was taking place at the Philadelphia Int Gay Film Fest and there was a whole event surrounding the screening- reception, panel, etc. It was definitely interesting sitting with RuPaul on the train as we learned more about each other- from totally different perspectives. He's such a kind, gentle person. It's cool. Musto kept to himself a bit more and had quite a few people whisper about him and ask for his autograph, but he's always a quick one with the wit and pithy comments. Anyway, the turnout for the documentary was fantastic- this big auditorium was packed with hundreds of people!

Instead of staying overnight, I hopped on a midnight train back to the city where I checked out the end of Shayna's party and crashed on her futon. Our friend Justin was hilariously wasted and passed out in a humorous position. I'll have to get his permission to share those photos with you ...

On Sunday I got a haircut in Nolita by these Japanese people at Ueno who have a hip little place with cool magazines- even Vogues from the 60s. It's a fine haircut, but basically the same as before. Then I grabbed some Pho at Pho Tu Do in Chinatown and planned out the SEXYTIME show with my cohost Brandy Crawford. I loved it, though I am still a fan of Kelly and Ping's lunchtime Pho Bac.

Pho Bac with the fixins (basil, lime, beansprouts)

On Monday I received a copy of the spring '06 Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. Instead was my boss' essay "On Gay Porn", ghostwritten by me! (All ideas and stuff were his of course) I mean, finally- I stood no chance in hell of making law review at SHU Law- but now porn has granted me the opportunity to be in a law journal at Yale! Yay porn.

In other yay porn news, Lucas is doing a big budget remake of La Dolce Vita, to be filmed this September in modern day NYC. For the part of the blonde, we wanted to find a famous, notorious, glam blonde female pornstar to play the non-sexual role analogous to the movie-star/Anita Ekberg role in the original. Well, the one we wanted said yes! When it gets announced publicly I'll tell you who it is.

Finally, all of the things that were up in the air are finally falling into place. I worked out casting issues I was having for Terminator 4. And I was nervous because the person who is making the "documentary-type thing" about me wasn't in touch. Turns out that her company threw a tv show on her last minute so she was drowned in that, but is back in action. So that's good. Also, I applied to this special sketch comedy type thingy that I wanted to be a part of, and I got a call-back style interview for them on Thursday. It made me happy cause the email seemed to be sent to few people. The fact that Friday's show is all good and ready to go also makes things all a little more awesome.

So, aside from the fact that I've got a whore of a sore throat, stuff is manageable and awesome enough to keep me motivated once again. Can you high five me through the blog? Go ahead, place your palm upon the screen. It's a nice way to express simple celebratory camaraderie. It's normal. Do not hesitate. Touch screen now.

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