Monday, July 17, 2006


Check out mah new show!

The first one is Friday night, July 28 at 11pm at the new downstairs stage in the main dining room at Mo Pitkins.

More details TBA ...

Mo's is on Avenue A near 3rd St. (Take the F/V to 2nd Ave and walk uptown and east a bit) I'll be there in Sadie's lounge performing at Chicks and Giggles tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 8pm. I said that already, but this time with more detail.

God I need new pics. I hate my stupid freakin face. But I feel that pose captures the essence of something worthwhile. And that ballerina shit I have on the top of this website has also got to go. Bollux.

More desirable than this is Brandy Crawford, my co-host, who unabashedly appreciates tappin ass perhaps as much if not more than I. She's funny and lovable and we are gonna have a sexytime explosion alll over. Check our her blog:

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