Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stinky Finky

Today is the first time since I've been working here that a porn model personally pissed me off so I am in a don't fucking fuck with me mood. Let's just call it a well developed instinct I've had since childhood- here's the facts- as a child I was a girl who was a weird class clown type, and since I was female I got picked on a good deal extra. I didn't laugh at the cool boys as every other girl did, and instead I challenged them and tried to one up them. This invited them to bring it on. Rather than become one of those "I hate myself and the world" kids bitter with resentment towards those who put them down, I thank those spritely little fuckers for giving me some great opportunities.

Being made fun of like that enabled me to develop a sharper sense of humor, and a very well developed defense mechanism- I have the evil little skill of manipulating someone's words so that they may be used against them, and I'm not so bad at verbal humiliation. Being made fun of like that also put things into perspective- I realized at a very young age that those who are on top of the food chain can be the biggest douchebags. And if you don't idolize or fantasize about those who are "on top", you can have a great amount of confidence in who and where you are. So if you're legitimately not jealous of others, you've already eliminated a major weakness and vulnerability. Anyhow, being picked on was a wonderful experience that strengthened my confidence, humor, and ability to manipulate the outcomes of situations to work in my favor. If you're lacking in these areas, I recommend that if you one day go in a time machine, aside from grabbing almanacs and making out with young Paul Newman (2 cute!), you might also find it worthwhile to get picked on as a child.

And while I'm at being pissed off, fuck you NJ Democrats and Jon Corzine- who is a freaking idiot. I actually volunteered for his Senate campaign back in the day when I wasted my time with politics. I still have strong beliefs and care about certain "issues", sometimes passionately, but I don't believe that government can be trusted nor do I think they are a good place to turn to enable social change. I do think government is a necessary evil, made up of power hungry yuppies, not respectable or trustworthy awesome folks (though every now and then there's an anomaly). Yeah, I'm generally a democrat and I think Bush has not human blood, but devil juice running through his veins- but I'm not some blanket liberal who believes in politicians, left or right wing. Corzine is a fool- his first year in office and he wants to raise taxes- the one thing that gives democrats a seriously bad name and stands in the face of us holding offices across the nation- AND he has the nerve to take away things like parks and beaches from the taxpayers he wants to punish during the SUMMERTIME! WHAT THE FUCK! That's beyond idiotic. A good democrat finds a way to reapportion funds- taking government investments out of special interest and putting them into social welfare. Fuck you, Corzine, for giving us democrats something we won't be likely to shake for a while.

Check out these things:
My friend Kelly Wray is a talented Canadian. Check out her company and their site:
They specialize in photography for live music acts.

This is a Knife
, presumably named from Crocodile Dundee, is a cool site.

Mike Patton was plucked from obscurity and for some reason, Danny Devito interviewed him in this myspace video. If you don't know who Patton is, he's second on my list of musical geniouses I'd like to bone, with the hope that I could possibly absorb some of their geniousity through their dick cells. Mike Patton is most well known as the lead singer of 90's band Faith No More (with the awesome song "Epic" with requisite awesome video with dying fish on ice), and is also the lead of the brilliant Mr. Bungle (buy the Mr. Bungle album "California"), and is also the lead of Tomahawk and Fantomas, recently toured with Rahzel and collaborated with Bjork and Handsome Boy Modeling School. Mike Patton is sooo cool. And cute.
He looks kinda like Jack Knight I think.

And reminds me a little of Bruce Campbell.

All good.

Breaking news: Putin kissed boy 'like a kitten'
"I tell you honestly, I just wanted to touch him like a kitten and that desire of mine ended in that act."

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