Sunday, July 16, 2006

There's always something.

My apartment is basement level and there's a semi concealed area underneath the stairs in front of my door. Last night when I left my apartment around 11:30pm, I opened the door and screamed "JESUS CHRIST"! It was not because Jesus was there.

Rather, two young Hobokeners were fucking under the stairs, in front of my door. The young gentleman stood there with his cock in hand and looked into my eyes, "We were fucking," he told me, as his fair lady stood by with a sweet and gentle smile. They scared the shit of me, and I am sure I scared the shit out of them. I checked to make sure that my door was locked and replied "Have a nice time" as I walked away.

Half of me laughs as I remember the look in their eyes when I screamed the lord's name. Half of me is still trying to erase the memory of the strangeness of this man, holding his cock, scared, explaining to me that he was fucking. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.


I went to a Mandate of Heaven party last night with Sara, a Mandate girl. It was basically a wonderland where girls can play. Mandate of Heaven is a clothing line created by designer Carissa, with a fantastic flagship store in Williamsburg. The party was a place with cupcakes, champagne punch, pot and girls trying on outfits and dressing up like a bunch of dolls. The designer has a love affair with Alice in Wonderland, which is obvious in her store. She calls her creations "playsuits". They are made out of re-cut and sewn vintage clothes and are hyper-feminine super sexy pretty little things that show off your legs, boobs and ass- highlighting you in ways you forgot you were capable of- and they are all so unique and cool. So we played. I am only going to purchase one though. Her one of a kind designs come at a fair price for her effort- but it ain't a cheap one.

Check out more of her collection here (and yeah, it was kind of just like it looks in the pictures only there were boys there)


And today I went to Long Beach with a great group of people. It was kind of incredible in its last-minuteness. It was kind of "Hey, what are you doing right now, meet me in front of Penn Station in 10 minutes, we're going to the beach." Thanks to Shayna for figuring it out and encouraging 9 people to gather at 10 am on a Sunday. There's an express train to Long Beach at 10:20 am on Sunday that makes no stops and takes you 5 blocks from the beach. It's quick too!

Oh and Friday, well Friday I got really really drunk and threw m + m's at strangers. It wasn't exactly charming as it was belligerent and fun for me. You must understand, watching an m+m bounce off an unsuspecting person's head who is in close proximity to you can really bring those giggles on.

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