Monday, July 31, 2006

Well, Sexytime was a great success. The best part- the crowd and our guests. We fully packed the main dining room at Mo Pitkins and that was an unexpected surprise. I was very happy to see lots of Brandy's and my friends there, but I was most surprised at the amount of people who came to check it out without knowing us. It was also cool to hear from the Mo's that many people called to find out about Sexytime. I am really not sure where these people heard about the show or what drew them to it, but I'm very happy they came. Everyone seemed to have a great time, which is fairly easy to do at Mo's since they are a great bar and restaurant. We also gave people Brandy-made rice krispy treats which certainly enhanced the audience's experience. Craig Baldo, Seth Herzog and Jessy Delfino all brought their A-games and put on great sets. Ben Andrews, my pornstar guest, was adorable and charming as usual. I enjoyed bantering with Brandy, but I wasn't as satisfied with my material. I still went for some of my same ol same ol. Also, I was really drunk on stage- my most drunk while performing yet. They gave us free beer in the back room. I hadn't been drinking much lately because I wasn't feeling well. When I popped open my first refreshing drink of the evening- an ice cold PBR, well, it just tasted heavenly, like relaxation flavor. Unfortunately I got drunk enough that I don't really remember much of what I said or did on that stage which is a little bit of an odd feeling since so many others witnessed it. Oh well. I am fine with that.

On Saturday, I joined some friends who had a rooftop party. They made some yummy food and had a rather enjoyable blowup pool on the roof. I didn't have anything to change into much to my chagrin. So since I was going out later I didn't wet it up. These boys made excellent smoked meats. Later that night I saw those pilots that were being screened and Judd Apatow's North Hollywood reminded me how much I love Jason Segel. It was such a great show. Anyhow, it would really please me Mr. Segel could put it in me. He's fucking adorable and always funny as an actor. Speaking of which, since I was back at Mo's on Saturday night, I caught part of David Wain's movie's party. Adam Brody is in it so he was there, talking to Ken Marino. It was an awesome man sandwich that I wanted to be in the middle of so badly. And they both gave friendly, approachable glances that made it seem totally ok if I wanted to talk to them. But there's no way I could have, for I was overpowered by my mind's eye, and surely the only words I could have uttered would have been "put it in me". Seriously, if I could've thought of anything else at the time, I'd have been fine talking to them. But at no time was I able to think of anything else. And that's that.

In ohter news, Boy George is really going to be sweeping Chinatown sidewalks for community service. That's pretty cool. Those sidewalks are dirty. Almost as dirty as the Chinese, whom I hate for what they did to my family.

(The Chinese didn't do anything to my family, but that would be a good justification for my aimless anti-China racism. Unfortunately, my hate is mostly just blind ingnorance and an aversion to General Tso. I guess my problem is with the fact that I was making chicken like that way before he was ever on the scene and he's just a dirty poser. I'm sure you would feel the same way if you were in my shoes: cheated. Angry. So alone.)

PS- It's always important to look your best and dress fancy.

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