Monday, August 07, 2006

Friday night was all birthday parties and karaoke. I don't really like karaoke. I can sing pretty well but I feel very embarrased about it and don't want to call attention to it, so if I ever try I make sure to pick a song like Du Hast so there won't be any reason to sing pretty. I don't like people who aren't funny when they sing and I don't like people who try to sound good but sound godawful. But with the right people it can be tizzight. One birthdaying fellow picked Tracy J's Watering Hole, and he did a really lovely duet to Afternoon Delight. Then the permanent marker came out. I've had a fat black permanent marker in my purse for years and I usually forget that it's there. But oh, we were drunk, and that's always conducive to that great idea of writing on bodies, because of course you forget what a bad idea that is once morning rolls around. I got THUG LIFE written in very large letters across my stomach. The birthday boy got him some "Daddy's Little Princess" on his arm- but that's what he gets for being Daddy's little princess. What was even better was that I went out elsewhere briefly after and had the opportunity to surprise my friend with my thug life pride. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we tried free samples from Max Brenner at one point that evening. It's so good it makes me angry.

we went in a big group to my friend Yaz' killer estate in Conn. It was the most pimped out thing ever! We all went in a big party bus from the city and when we got there there were these people that greeted us and cheered. There was even a red carpet and lots of ice cream and punch! Missy Elliott performed for the party and she was so incredibly entertaining- very fun show. She had all of these awesome dancers doing crazy shit on stage. She gives me reason for so many superlatives. God it was such a pleasant and lovely day. Yaz' family is the awesomest- nice, happy as hell people. Her dad was dancing it up and appreciated everyone having a good time. The company, awesome food, place and decor was all so pimptastic. Even the outdoor bathrooms had A/C. Nice touches and great people all around. What can I say, check out the pics!

It doesn't matter if you're a fan, bringin Missy is bringin the fun!

We got back to the city around 9, napped it up, washed up and I went to another fellow's Yachting themed soiree. It was lovely and there was yet more excellent opportunity for dancing, which was complimented by the outfits of the guests.

Fuckin snack wraps. Snack wraps ended it all. On my way home, all MaryJaned up, I was drawn to the flashy whore that is McDonalds-late-night. So tacky, so tasty, so right now. I ordered one of those newfangled snack wraps and a small fry. The suave McDonalds man gave me an extra snack wrap and a free soda. Oh god I just put that all in my mouth! And I had already eaten so much free food all day. Snack wraps.

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