Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here's some stuff that I kinda wanted you to know.

It's a hot day. The pandas need their watermelons.

I really like this song Cowbell from Tapes n Tapes. (right click, save target as)

If you haven't seen it already, you've gotta watch these guys prank the newslady on Fox 5.

A listing of the top 100 music videos of all time. I don't agree with the list, but it's entertaining, and they provide the videos.

There's this whole movement of "alt-porn" which I think is actually pretty cool. It started with Joanna Angel and Suicide Girls, and now it's gone corporate with Vivid-Alt. The thing that still annoys me is that most of the directors are still male at Vivid-Alt, but I think it's great that the women are showcased as cool girls. And they have hip, modern graphic design and pay attention to style, etc. I absolutely love the fresh look of the site and photography, and I think this kind of thing can greatly change cultural approaches to sex. I have some problems with straight porn, but I think this is hotter and more real. I think that a lot of porn out there too easily dissociates the realness of a woman- personality and all, in sex. But if new stuff that's being made is all about wanting to fuck a cool chick, well that's a lot healthier for the women in the porn and the men watching it. Now if only we could get real hot straight guys to be a part of this whole thing, we'd be good to go. Oh,and I don't see what's the big deal with the tattoos and peircings. The whole style and sensibility is still great without all of that. I like skin. And only moderate tattoos on boys. I think sleeves ruin what's already great looking.

I'm looking forward to seeing Little Miss Sunshine.

Here's one of my favorite lines in 40 Year Old Virgin. She was a ho for show.

Oh, and I girlspoked again.

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