Thursday, August 03, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

I forgot to mention that I saw Little Miss Sunshine on Tuesday. My plans got cancelled unexpectedly so I decided it was best to take shelter in a cold movie theatre. Steve Carell is so amazing. His character is dealing with great sadness and I think his expressions are so powerful. Anytime the camera focused on his eyes, he has such incredible screen presence. Even in 40 year old virgin- he brought depth, sensitivity and humanity to a character in an outlandish comedy that I don't think would be there if the role was played by anyone else. He's really quite the actor and as far as comedian actors go, I think he has more acting potential than Jim Carey or Sunshine co-star Kinnear.

The whole cast was great though. And it wasn't as over the top as you might guess. (Though there were moments) It was a well written story, silly, enjoyable, etc- loved the climax of the movie. What was most awesome, moreso than the story, was the ensemble cast. You definitely wanted to see more from them. And at points I found the movie very sad and kind of painful. Each character dealt with their own issues with personal achievement, failure, and issues with ambition- something I'm struggling with/obsessing over a whole lot lately.

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