Thursday, August 24, 2006

Notable things of Note

I saw this film on Tuesday:
The Last Movie by Dennis Hopper. It was ridiculous, experimental and wishy washy, but there was something completely genuine about it that I respected. Dennis Hopper is nuts! There was plenty of sex, nudity, bizarre behavior, and even some violence.

Check out this article on the film, which I do not recommend, though it's quite ... something.

In "The Last Movie", Dennis Hopper hits this chick in the face a lot and then he does her on a rock while a priest watches from above. Don't worry, it's in color.

And last night I went to what was a really cool event, though I didn't exactly enjoy it all that much. (click here)
John Stewart, Sufjan Stevens, David Byrne and others, including that guy from the Mac commercials gathered to do a bunch of performances. Here's what impeded my enjoyment:
- I had a headache
- Our seats sucked ass and the Beacon's accoustics don't travel well up to the balcony
- I'm spoiled. I've seen John Stewart on the Daily Show live and I've seen his live standup which were amazing. To be teased by moments of him wasn't as exciting. Same thing for Sufjan. His show at the Allen room was so fucking fantastic, this couldn't possibly compare. And it made me kinda sad I wasn't still sitting in the Allen room enjoying that concert. Oh, and I really wanted David Byrne to start yelling about burning down the house and that huffy puffy voice he makes in the song, but he didn't and that's my very fave thing he does.
- It was for charity. I HATE less-privileged people. It's not my fault that some kids can't read, I was a great reader and did so well in school! I did my part at being awesome and I don't see why some losers deserve my help. ESPECIALLY victims of devastating circumstances. I didn't tell those idiots to go to Phuket or New Orleans. What were they thinking!? They should have known.

What a grumpypants, eh? Sometimes there's this really cool thing inside me that makes the best of any situation and can always find something to appreciate. But it wasn't there! I can only ultimately assume that I am a bad person.

Sufjan is the prettiest thing to ever touch a banjo. I would like to be boyfriend girlfriend with him but he's all super Christian so he'd probably hate me on account of my strict Orthodox Greek lifestyle.

Oh and did I mention? My morning bus to work got stuck on a ramp in the Port Authority the other day. I kind of liked it on account of all the confusion it caused.

Ok, I'm off to go scabies catching. Have a nice time with yourselves now, kids! You only live twice, or so the Orthodox Greeks believe.

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