Sunday, August 06, 2006

Photo by Naughty James

Celebrity Spotting:
I was walking on Grand St. Thursday night from Soho to the lower east side and I saw Adrian Brody a lot cause first he was walking in front of me and then he turned around and walked back. The fellow I was with pointed at him saying "He's got an academy award." Good point. That reminds me of other interesting celebrity spotting. I was really drunk and going back to the PATH train recently and had to go pee so I went to this restaurant across from the 9th st station and Felicity was in the bathroom with me. We drunkenly washed hands together. I stared.

Dance related learning:
Dance can be substituted for running and running can be substituted for dancing.

- Running is dancing: It's really a lot of fun and a good replacement for dancing if you put your hands up and just kind of run around. It's also really a lot of fun to bounce on couches for as long as you can until the bouncer yells at you for bouncing and tells you to get down.

- Dancing is running: I've discovered the ultimate best workout in the world. It's fun, cheap, free, and easy. It's apartment dancing. Before I get in the shower, I strip down to my bare essentials (don't want to make dirty sweaty clothes if I don't have to) blast my favorite music and dance the shit out of myself. I'm talking all-out I'm wasted at a bar and it's my birthday kind of dancing. Lots of flalling arms and scissor kicks abound. You make love to the music with your body and your body will that you for it later when it becomes bangin cause you're treatin it right. This is not the same as simply dancing around when no one is around. You've gotta get into it. Dance like a pervert- gyrate, move all over the goddamn place. Serious dancing only.

Gawker told me that now sells milk, and people have reviewed the product. Their reviews are hilarious. Check it out.

Ok- most of this blog is old stuff I forgot to mention earlier. Will be back soon with more current info and reflection fo yo ass.

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