Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tickle Fights in Scarsdale

Me and Lindsey Lohan are getting mud baths in Arizona, cause I am majorly exhausted right now and that's where we've retired Inside Heather's Head.

For I am an airport terminal with all signs blinking "delayed delayed delayed" at the time being.

Hoboken Comedy Night was a blast on Sunday night. More fantastic comics and a great audience. Brian Van took a bunch of fun pics too, including this spritely photo of myself and comic Erik Andre.
We love this menu!

One thing I'm worried about is how busy I am about to get, especially into the fall months. I'm trying to plan out the Sexytime Comedy Show at Mo Pitkins and Terminator 4: The Musical as well. I can't even book new Hoboken Comedy Night dates right now because I may have to go to LA now for work when I was planning to have the next one. I hope to figure all of that out as soon as possible.

And I will be in a fashion show during fashion week for Mandate of Heaven! The theme is Alice and Wonderland and I play the Mad Hatter. Designer Carissa had me over on Saturday for a fitting and explained the outfit. It's gonna be mad sexy. Ha HA get it- MAD sexy. OH MY GOD it is no wonder I am a comedian with these hilarious things I say. Anyway ...

Showing off my inner princess in Mandate Saturday ...

Work is just crazy. Extremely busy. We have a major film shoot coming up and a bunch of more high profile events and press appearances that I have to deal with.

I'm trying baby, I'm trying to juggle all of the opportunities in front of my face in my personal and work life because that's what PR and entertainment is all about. It's about seeing where you can find open doors and opening them. There's a lot right now, and I am not a person who can live with the regret of NOT doing something, so that's just not an option.

Yeah, I think I'm winding up doing some things half-assed, just look at this week's blog, she's suffering. Also suffering- my standup. My performance last night was simply not good enough by my standards so I've really got to whip it and whip it good, into shape.

I was able to pump out something for yesterday, but considering the personal nature of the material, even that's something I'm not so comfortable with seeing in print. Especially since there's so much back story to it all. And all of those statements have volumes more behind them.

About me and Lohan, well, I'd never expected that we have so much in common! Even the same shoe size! She's lending me these FAB dinosaur skin pumps from Christian Louboutin, and I've traded her my ethanol powered rocket shoes in return. Also, we both love minature gherkins because they are the cutest pickles and way cuter than totally not hot spears. And we agree that anal beads are mega lame and are for dorks- but not cute hipster dorks, we mean losers. Ah ... imaginary female bonding at a spa in Arizona with a celebrity who is famous for exhaustion is the best! We've totally thrown our cellphones away- tee hee!

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