Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What can I say ... I've been up to stuff lately.

I'd gotten to a place in standup where I didn't really think too much about what I was going to do beforehand and I kind of went for it with what was in my head combined with existing material. It worked for a while but I didn't have much new stuff that I was really happy about doing. And usually drink either one light beer or a jack and coke before a show, and then attempt to go balls out on the mike. But last night I thought about what I was going to say, wrote it all out the night before, printed it out, studied it, and then just read it all out, half memorized- no drinks. It was really satisfying. I felt so focused. That feeling of focus was the nicest part. And I loved the show. One of the hosts, Luke Cunningham, just did my Hoboken show and he's a really funny guy and a great host. I recommend seeing and performing in his show at the Duplex. His co-host Jessie Geller is also hilarious.

Johnny Drama's reaction shots in the last episode of Entourage were the best part of the show. Actually, I kind of think he's the best character on the show period. Well aside from Piven. And Lloyd. Not that he's likable, just a great character.

My boss got mentioned on tv news and Page 6 in the Post again! I love when I can see the fruits of my labor. They taste sweet like a 9 year old's ...

OMG I don't want to go down on a young child at all! Unless you're talking about Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, it's a timeless classic. In that case of course, I wouldn't enjoy it, it would just be out of respect for a film that I found to be a great thrill for the whole family.

I don't dream of that magic lady.
Speaking of weird shit, I finally stopped dreaming of American Psycho this weekend. Instead, the following things happened:
My friend PJ had a kitten that lived inside of him that entered and exited through his mouth. He wasn't covered in saliva or anything and was kind of fat. I asked if he'd like to let the kitten out to play. He said the kitten preferred to be inside of him and he put the kitten back in his mouth.

I also dreamed that there was a very elaborate ferry at the Hoboken pier. The water was shallow. It was just like the water in Holland's Big Sea. The pier looked like a fancy TGIF. There were couches to sit on that overlooked the water. And they were serving burgers. But then this art deco looking penguin was wading in the water. He wasn't one of those cute "March of the Penguins" type cuddly things. He was an obnoxious, pop artish asshole penguin. And he crawled on me, and all I could think to do was sit still hoping he would go away. He nuzzled his stupid jerk penguin nose on my back and it made me angry.

Over the weekend I danced so hard that I smashed my knee into the ground.

Oh and last night I tried the Fatty Crab for the first time. The food was delicious, fatty, reasonably priced, our waiter was hot and they have a cool looking logo. On the way there, we were a little lost, and I swear that it was Tobey Maguire who stopped and asked if we needed help finding our way. Sara thought so too. It just seemed an odd thing for a famous person to do. So I'm not sure it was him, but it looked like him.

Did you ever lick a magazine because the person pictured in that magazine was attractive to you? Me neither.

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