Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey guys, I got a makeover! And look at me in front of my new machine- I can have ALL THE COLAS I WANT! And you can't have any. All for me, Princess Heather.

Did I tell you how cool Princess Heather is? She took tylenol PMs before going out on Saturday (thinking they were regular tylenols) and then she drank a lot. Guess what happened? Did she black out in a stranger's bed? No. But she didn't sleep at home. But it's not like she got any either. She really screwed up that night. Ho freakin hum. Princess Heather is a lameo.

Did you know that Barbara Walters won't let Rosie O Donnell blog about the View? I think that Rosie should push Barbara into a wall. Barbara stopped being cool. What gives Barbara? You should do some drugs. Old people really should. They don't have that much longer to live and they often have lots of money. They should just go for it balls out and have a great party time.

My friend Brian shares my love of special guns.

My friend Mark likes stories about poo on the 6 train.

I feel especially sad about Steve Irwin's death because he is my ex-boyfriend. I remember how much he loved ice cream cones and wiffleball. I don't think I'll ever look at a wiffle the same way again.

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