Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just Bein Fancy ...

The most annoying thing about my confused little busy mind is that when I do have free time, the things I choose to fill it with seem poorly chosen and sometimes downright silly willy! I suppose I can share those examples later ...

I took down that long blog the other day cause it just wasn't articulate enough and you people gotta give me some poetic license. You must understand that I can't always give whole stories on here because I must carefully protect certain anonymity when necessary. So I'll refer to events and people in not entirely accurate or complete ways. Often times its much more about me trying to share something I think y'all will relate to- so it's more about what happens in the end versus the stupid details. So there's no point in picking those apart, mmkay? And like I said before, I am not a fan of complaining. I hate when I or anyone else does it and I don't want to subject anyone to it unless I just gotta.

Yesterday's Mandate of Heaven show was great. The crowd was packed- there had to have been hundreds of people there. Maybe from Arrested Development was there along with a ton of fun magazine people too. I didn't get too much chance to interact with people though cause we had to stay for pictures and change outfits, etc. The best thing was the girls there. There were some real models, but it was mostly just pretty cool ladies. And the real models were very cool too. I know that the designer Carissa only invites people she likes, so I guess she's a good judge of character. I really enjoyed being surrounded by great peeps all day long.

I did my usual thing considering my demographic and got wasted on Friday and Saturday nights which was a relief cause I couldn't drink in LA on account of my having to drive everywhere (how do those west coast freaks do it?!). Oh, and attention world- if I text you and it's on a weekend night and it's really unintelligible, uh, well there's no excusing it, but I do that I guess.

It's Sunday night at 8:30 and I am still at work ... looking forward to the fun celebrity cameos in their big scenes for La Dolce Vita (that's the bulk of what I am working on aside from the day to day needs of the company). And PLEASE email me if you don't work during the day and work in NYC cause we need all the extras and help we can get ... and yes there is fun to be had. Oh AND I play a role in the film- Heather Weathers, live reporter. So on top of the planning and the working I'll be on set away from my desk.

Oh, AND there's Sexytime this Friday night! I don't know how I will pull it off. It's really important that if I take your time to have you see a show that I am in, that I "bring it" and put on an awesome show for you to enjoy. I wish I had more time to pre-plan some bits but I think I'll just do my best to host my heart out with Brandy. You have no idea how much happier I will be when I get the chance to work on the funny stuff again!

I also finally updated some pics on my flickr page, there's some good stuff there. You can also check out Brandy's pics from last night. Please be warned, in some of the pics I had a hard time with my fake lashes, which I fortunately got used to later on, and so I look stupid. But that's ok cause you should see what a great job Carissa did on the outfits!

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