Sunday, September 24, 2006

Show and Tell!

Friday night's Sexytime Comedy Show.

Photo by Brian Van.
Savanna caught me off guard! I was a bad kisser too cause I was nervous and apparently blushed a good deal ... Look at Brandy's reaction - priceless!
Savanna was so funny, and our other performers- Andy Borowitz, Leo Allen, and Chelsea Perretti, were fantastic!!!

- More pictures from the Sexytime show are here.

Pictures from Saturday afternoon's fashion show:
Me n Musto

And me apparently trying to think ...

Amanda Lepore- so fabulous it hurts! (I also heart Jun on the way left and Paul on her right! (Sorry I don't know the name of the glam polkadotted one ...

Also from Brian Van.

- more from Brian Van at the fashion show
- from Big Sky Vibe
Me at work!

There were tons of pics taken so I know I'll have even more fun ones in a few days ... and I've got more stories to tell too.

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