Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a night!

Last night was pretty incredible. First off- we rented a trailer for the shoot since we needed it for a lot of demanding outdoor shots. Trailers are super fun! I liked being in a living room on wheels going through the city.

We started out in the meatpacking district in front of Hotel Gainsevoort. I wanted soup and went to the nearby Fatty Crab for takeout. They all suggested the fish soup. So I ordered it. Well, when I opened it up, there were lots of little fishheads in there and it was kind of funky, but I wasn't all that prepared for how innocuous it would be. Basically everyone yelled at me to get the hell out of the trailer. So I did. And it was so stinky that when I went outside, the cast and crew told me to get the hell away from them. I was a real stinky finky and I hated it- and I was still hungry. So I went back to the Fatty Crab and asked for a new soup. I got one. And I saw this waiter there that my friend really wanted to bone the last time we went there but we didn't have the balls to say anything. Found out he was married. Ew! Who get's married anyways ... lame!

Anyhow, after that we headed to the City Hall Fountain to shoot an incredible scene. There were, or course, a lot of funny moments - such as watching a young family observe our shooting excitedly while their little sons ran up to the fountain. Yay, happy family! You're watching a gay porn being filmed! Good for you!

We were pretty nervous about getting the shot. We only had an hour till the fountain was scheduled to shut off, and this fancy blip light kept running out of electricity cause there were problems with the generator. I greeted a select few reporters I invited to the shoot, and chatted with a hot dude that wondered on set. I like hot dudes. Anyway, it came out great. Savanna and Michael looked fucking amazing and I was happy to be part of the whole thing. Oh, and at the end of the night when we went to wrap up and head home, we discovered we could not get in the one room of the trailer. And on the outside it was a rockin. My boss sure likes doing it. But I guess everyone already knew that.

Check out more lovely pictures here.

As for tonight, well, I actually have some time to myself to go out for the first time in weeks. But I'm kinda sick and my have a painful headache that feels like my brain is bleeding into my neck. Boy oh boy I sure hope it is. God my life is the mothafuckin dopest. Time for bed ... aka time to shove toast in my socks! That's my favorite thing to do before I go to sleep.

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