Wednesday, October 11, 2006

If you like reading random crap, this is for you.

On Monday I saw some good comedy with good people. First it was Lunquist Entertainment's first solo show at Mo Pitkins. I love those guys and look forward to seeing how they develop their thang. After that I caught this show with Gabe, Dave, and a nice young lady that gave me cupcakes. It wasn't run particularly well, but I was able to see some comic artists that I adore. I totally LOVE David Rees and Sam Brown so I enjoyed seeing them present their work. This was the show:
EMILY FLAKE - creator of Lulu Eightball (
DAVID REES - creator of Get Your War On (
NEIL SWAAB - creator of Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles (
TIM KREIDER - creator of The Pain––When Will It End? (
SAM BROWN - creator of Exploding Dog (
and a cartoon by Mark Newgarden (creator of Garbage Pail Kids)
I hadn't heard of Tim Kreider before and was most impressed. He was also kinda cute even though he wore a suit.

After that, I happened upon 5th Avenue and 8th street, where the streets were lined with fucked up destroyed cars- windows open, kinda mangled and dirty with debris. It was for a big budget zombie movie (I think "I am legend") that was being shot there- though nobody from the movie was watching the cars. It was some big elaborate setup and I guess they weren't worried about anyone fucking with the cars so they left em all there. It looked pretty damn cool.

Yesterday my boss tried to make me watch a video of a man being decapitated. I closed my eyes thankfully, but I heard the screams. I can't take graphic violence and always close my eyes at scary movies. I can take gun violence but not human torture or body mutilation. And I could take Kill Bill cause the violence had a surreal cartoonish quality to it.

And last night I went on a big gay cruise (it was for HX - a gay NY magazine) through New York Harbor and saw the statue of liberty up close for the first time. I realized she's one of the rare female symbols of virtue in society and it's unusual to see boobs on something that stands for such high principles. Liberty has boobs. Symbols are cool. They served fancy wines and a great free dinner. And later this dude punched this other well-known dude in the face and the cops had to come before we could leave the boat. That's just not how big gay cruises are supposed to end.

A close relative died and I am going to the funeral tomorrow. Arranging how to get there and who to go with arouses feelings of guilt that I don't spend enough time with my family.

Oh my god, I was daydreaming so good this morning- so much that I forgot what I was thinking about and realized I was smiling and looking up in the clouds. My 3rd grade report card read in the notes "Daydreams too much". How did she know? Could she see me doing it? Today I was thinking about things in my room that I like such as my terminator doll and my framed black and white picture of Ali G. When I was 14, I shoplifted lots of indie magazines from Barnes and Noble because I hated big corportations and I learned a lot about counter culture. I used to sculpt a lot- stuff out of the clay they had in high school art classes. I liked sculpting the female form because I thought my own body was interesting, it was just turning into something that looked more like what I saw in magazines and movies. I like the way my bones felt under my skin. I liked feeling that and finding it in the clay. I also liked dissecting things, but usually ordinary things and food. I disliked the disorder of viens and organs in animals for science class. I liked putting a grasshopper head on a metal pointy thing and making it talk to other grasshopper heads. My mom and sister used to hate when I got curious about the animal body parts I was eating at the dinner table. Me and my dad usually share when we go out to dinner cause we like gross stuff like oysters and livers.

Alright I need to cut this shit out. I am too tough and cool for any more reflection at this moment.

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