Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just hangin out bein sassy

Yay! I found a rubber ball bearing in my oatmeal this morning so the establishment gave me free food. I got one of those pick and choose salads, not caring how many items I picked. I mean, I was all like, hmm, sugar peas or artichokes- nay- sugar peas AND artichokes. Oh what a morning. Unfortunately I thought "thai basil" sounded like a delicious dressing. It's not and it tastes yucky. Sigh. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them all and then you have chubby school girls.

Hunkmania Hunks seem like really nice guys. Plus they're certified so you can be sure that they are authentic.

A frog jumping onto a log.

Rico is my friend. He writes me song lyrics. Here is the grand premiere of the Bright Eyes song lyric of the week by Rico:
"replacing the toothpaste with my love so that you can taste it in your mouth and spit it out but remember that brushing for two minutes and thinking of me is the only way to a healthy smile."

Thanks Rico!

My very first ex and I are so "just friends" that it's hard to imagine we were once romantic partners ... but every now and then he reminds me why we were together in the first place when he says stuff like this:
"every day i have a yogurt with bifidus regularis and then at 930am i have a granola bar and it makes me so regular its unbelievable."
"yeah, this bifidus yogurt is supposed to regulate your digestive tract. Add some non sugary granola and your set."

Mark told me all about Monk-e mails. I made one, see! You gotta have volume on this here.
(Editorial note from Mark: hearing the monkey say things like "this dick aint gonna suck itself" is funny)

And another reminder as I am known to provide- Hoboken Comedy Night is this Sunday. Bitches love Hoboken Comedy Night.

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