Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last night: good.

Man, I had the greatest time last night! I went with Brandy and Shayna to Soho House to celebrate Andy Borowitz' book, The Republican Playbook. It's not a real Republican Playbook, but instead a comedy that hilariously gives it to the right wing. Bravo Mr Borowitz, Bravo! It was in the Soho House Library, and lovely as it may be, the library contains depictions of books on the walls rather than actual books. While I am no official tastemaker, I must criticize the House on this part. Moving on to more pleasant things ...

I was in the greatest mood while there- I have been so busy and have been going out so infrequently lately, that when I do I get really over excited and hyper. Every little detail of pleasantness just catapults my mood like a bajillion times higher. I was so happy to see Shayna too- it's been so long. Shayna is one of the greatest people on earth and it has been unanimously decided that she is warm cupcakes personified. She's so nice, sweet, and genuine ... Check out her site! And I love Brandy too but you blog readers have seen her lately so right now is Shayna time.

Yeah, so I had good company in a lovely environment with really really good free food and drinks! The cabernet they had was Coppola 2001- that's a great wine! Free! Yay! And Shayna's friend, author Periel Aschenbrand was there too. She makes one hell of an impression and we ladies decided she was good people. Click on her name to discover her world of cool. Also there was Moby. He was in a suit. I didn't think Moby would wear a suit but he did. For some reason I imagine him exclusively wearing things make of hemp.

Later we went upstairs and met with Brandy's friend David. People were everywhere asking if we were members and allowed to be in the place- well ha! Our friend David is one of the founding members thank you very much. So after getting past the guards (numerous petite lovely women who ask a lot of questions) we sat on an ordinary couch ordinarily drinking beers. But it was fun. More good people, and they had the beer from my mommy's hometown of Enschede, Grolsch. Thumbs up you sentimental flippy top beer!

Ah Jesus I'm just happy to be alive. Sometimes. During leisuretime. Othertimes I was I was dead. But now is not one of those times.

You better not forget that this Sunday is Hoboken Comedy Night or I'll punch you in the legs.

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