Friday, October 20, 2006

Monkeys HATE Barbasol

But worry not you sweet and loving monkey. I am going to dedicate most of this email to things like comedy and funny videos so you can laugh and laugh. And really monkey, if you stop thinking about the barbasol and start giggling, you might actually feel better.

I had a pretty great day today. Not only did I wake up and not bother to shower, but I got good news AND there was birthday cake a work today. Ben and Jerry's ice cream cake, woo hoo! And I saw that in over the course of a measely 2 days, 13,000 people watched the La Dolce Vita teaser! That means I done did my job well.

Oh my god and if that's not good enough I learned about a great new game for friends and family to rejoice and have happy times:
click here to purchase. Boys will be boys!

Still thinking about what to be on Halloween. I can always be a "Desperate Mother" because apparently there's a wig for that.

And I have another Youtube video that you just gotta try from comedian Lucas Held. He's pretty hilarious. Check it out! He has other funny videos but this one is my favorite. I can't watch the others though right now cause I can't, but later.

Also check out this video from Jake and Dan of Cleanest River and Olde English. It makes me laugh.

, another super funny sketch group, has a show this Saturday at the UCB theatre. 7:30 pm. It's really important to them or something like that. You should go.

Oh and click here for a free download of one of my summer's favorite songs: Bitches Ain't Shit from Ben Folds.

Finally, I'd like to say, go to Hoboken Comedy Night on Sunday.

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