Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh Boy it's October!

Oh October, I'm so excited to be here, I came extra fast on this aeroplane to be in you. OMG I'm so silly the way I parked my plane but everything I do, I do it for you.

So we got another Page Six mention today. I am happy with the way it turned out considering that I didn't want them to run that in the first place. As you can see, the Lucas Entertainment spokeswoman "declined to comment". Believe me, they were not happy with me for that! But there's no way I am ok with being a person who contributes to dragging people's names through the mud. That's not fun or cool or nice or worth it.

Last night I went to a Sufjan Stevens concert. Our seats sucked way up in the balcony, and we had some friends near the front of the stage. I went with my roommate and we decided to be naughty and sneak into the downstairs area and try to steal some seats near them. It worked! First we kinda stood next to our friends like we were chatting and then sat in some empty seats in their row. We were almost in the clear until right before Sufjan went on then these people came for their seats. Without making a commotion we just got up and said nothing, then went to the other side of the aisle and just looked at the people like they should all move over for us and they did! I think it's human nature to avoid confrontation or discomfort in public. I'm pretty happy they went along with it ... cause those seats were much much better.

The show was good as expected, but Sufjan kinda freaks me out. He's supposedly all religious, and much of his music is so innocent and childlike I feel like we wouldn't get along. Maybe that's some kind of guilt I harbor about being inappropriate. Part of me is that kind of girl you can bring home to mom, but religious people and their judgements are so scary. Actually, anyone with strict ideas about what is and isn't acceptable behavior always frightens me. I just look at a guy like Sufjan and I feel like he'd want to make me sit in the corner for being a bad girl. But then he also has darker songs from his earlier albums, and there's that incredible lyric from Illinoise about the famous murderer John Wayne Gacy, "And in my best behavior, I am really just like him. Look beneath the floorboards For the secrets I have hid."

Anyhow, when I watch an attractive man make music, I like to fantasize about making sex on him. It bothers me that I can just tell I am not puritanical enough for a man like that. I'd really like the opportunity to be proven wrong. Dammit my mind just loves being in the gutter- LOVES IT!

Last night we were in the damn port authority until 2am. My roommate got a hot chocolate and I thought it smart to get this cinnabon pretzel thing. But it wasn't from a cinnabon store, it was from a weird pseudocafe in the Port Authority Bus Terminal basement and it came in a microwaved wrapper. It was the most disgusting thing in the world, but the fact that it tasted like crap was so unexpected from something brandishing the name "cinnabon" that I finished it. The dough was like melted nerfballs mixed with sugar into a pasty dough. And the icing looked like melted shoe rubber. I've never been able to force myself to puke. I don't want to stick my fingers in my throat, you can't make me. I can't make me either, but I wanted to. Anyhow. Heather's tip of the week: avoid wrapped cinnabon pretzel temptations in the bus terminal basement no matter how stupid you are. Especially if you're not a forced puker lady type.

Ok, I got other stuff on the mind, but I do think I'll have time to update later. Probably. Hopefully.

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