Sunday, October 15, 2006

The rhythm is going to get you and find you and your family and kill them.

exercise caution with the estefan

This weekend I stayed up till at least 5 am both nights and I feel great about that. Sometimes I am a whiney little baby all like "I am tired now, I want to go home, I am too wasted to stay up any longer, this isn't fun, I'm bored now." And so then I retire around 2ish. But this weekend I had funstamina, largely in part to nights turning out well. Friday night was my big wasted night. I was happy to learn on Saturday about all sorts of things that sounded really great that I didn't remember. I do remember wearing my lobster hat. I do remember being on the floor at Brandy's party and thinking that was an absolutely great place to be. I do remember the fact that I could have slept at Brandy's, but decided around 3am that it was necessary to go to another bar, a move which contributed to me ending up in Park Slope, which contributed to me wasting my Saturday taking too long to get home. I do remember finding a working vaccume in the street on the way to the bar and a rolling chair, being pushed about in the chair with the vaccume at a fast pace, and then smashing the vaccume into a brick building. I know that there's pictures. I am pretty glad about that.

On Saturday I was all hungover with little sleep and in pain and all cranky. But I went with Christy and Matt to get dinner at this place on 9th where I once saw Keri Russel in the bathroom but never ate there. I had some steak. It was good. I stayed primarily sober the entire evening yet was in really good spirits and enjoyed myself much more than I expected considering that I was mostly sober, hungover, and it was rather late in the evening, AND the fact that I wound up in goddamn Brooklyn again. But the people at the Brooklyn party were good people- the kind that are all friendly and talk to you when they don't know you. And there was suggestive dancing on tables, which is inherently good.

At this moment there is some kind of street fair RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. I am listening to a live band play Louie Louie, oh baby, Me Gotta Go.....Ay yi yi yi yi Louie Louie, oh baby, Me Gotta Go.

How your mom rides bikes.

You all must envy this amazing life I live. So amazing and so full of richness and life affirming lifeyness. Don't worry, some day you too could be a 25 year old with a blog who occasionally does standup and works in adult entertainment. Don't give up on your hopes and dreams.

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