Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why do things gotta be so, ya know ...

Ok, so I've had this problem for the past few months that keeps getting worse. I've been so busy that I'm really backed up in all these areas of my life- all these "to do's" that I've got to catch up with and take care of. So when I finally do have a moment to myself I'm like a total blank. I can't pick which thing to do and I often end up doing none of it instead of having to deal with it. This problem has pretty much been dominating me and holding me back for the past few months- how do I get over it? No freakin clue dudes ...

Last night was fun. I had some work that needed to be done on set, but I didn't have to be there the whole time. I actually had fun so I stuck around. There was a lot of silliness- best moment of the night:
We are filming outside of City Hall again. Cop goes, "Whatcha filmin"
Us- "Independent movie"
Cop- "You know, last week they had that pornstar Savanna Samson in that fountain, isn't that crazy? You know who Savanna Samson is?"
Us- "No ..." (Savanna is across the street with hair all blonde and done up and noticeable)
And filming went on without incident ...

We also filmed outside this building and the building manager (who was a really hot normal looking 40 something woman) came out looking excitedly at us, asking questions and she started saying all this stuff, like "Why aren't you in front of the camera, you are so beautiful, you are prettier than anyone ever" and she went on like that for some time- it was so funny and the stylist and makeup artist were laughing cause then she says "I mean I am not gay and I'm married with kids, I'm just saying" And then the stylist told me that when I wasn't looking she ran out into the rain and shimmied her boobies so they got wet. While I was on my cellphone, she ran up to me and shook em and said "ooh they're wet!" Really- that's what happened. Then the stylist told me that as she walked away she totally checked out my ass! It was completely odd, but at the same time she was so nice and friendly- every time she popped on set we we were laughin it up.

After that we went to Home and Guesthouse nightclub to film some more. I gotta give props to Dominik for free drinks- that was awesome.

And then today, someone from Exit magazine (a NJ nightlife thingy) took pics of me for an upcoming article about my "whacky job". I FEAR this article cause though the writer reassured me she was only going to print it Q and A style based on what I said- the questions were racy and I KNOW I can count on myself to have said something really embarrassing.

Ok, y'all are gonna have to deal with my writing being very 16 year old girl right now cause I don't have time for this "maturity" and "adulthood" at the moment. Plus I just spent like 4 hours *** girltalking ***!!!! on the phone like totally yeah. Tampons.

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