Monday, November 06, 2006

1) New flickr pics up on my flickr page. They are from BRANDY's camera because I DON'T have a camera anymore. That's my fault and I deserve to suffer because I am a shitty fuck face.
2) Thoughts of the old TV show Bosom Buddies entered my frontal lobe. So OF COURSE I googled them. I Hate Hey fuckfarts over at that's a misleading URL!
3) WHY do I have to perform in a show when DARREN ARONFSKY is speaking for free at the Apple Store in SoHo tonight (at 7pm)? I saw Spike Lee talk there over a year ago and it was fanfuckingtastertic. Aronfsky is so incredible! As a director, he is able to warp and manipulate your gut so severely. I wish I could hear this brilliant man speak.
4) Yeah, so I read my cock essay in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not colonial Virginia) tonight. 8pm, Galapagos. More info in the sidebar of this website. Right over there ---->
5) Hoboken Comedy Night last night was great- I loved all of the performers and the audience! That made me happy.

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