Friday, November 03, 2006


Why Blam? Cause I'm feelin it is why.

Last Night I witnessed the following:
- HYsteria due to the Latin Grammy's at MSG. The streets were packed with people and cameras, red carpet nonsense- it was insanity like I've never seen.
- Riot at the sample sale. It was supposed to go until 7pm, doors closed at 6:30 and these other people who were there got SO angry I thought they might rip the flesh off the security guard with their teeth. (Earnest Sewn sample sale: 76 Greene St Nov 8-10, 8am-8pm, Nov 11, 10am-5pm; went last year, long line- but it was sooo worth it- great pants for boys and girls!)
- I went to see a friend's improv group perform at Variety Underground last night and wound up doing a set. I felt good about doing it, which is nice, cause I wasn't enjoying standup as much lately ... so, I'm back? Yeah. I am. I'll make an effort to do more shows.
- On the same stage, 72 year old lesbian sang really dirty songs and it was fucking unbelievable
- Then I met up with Adam cause he was hosting a CMJ show and we were gonna do a comedy bit ... and there was a band called Cinemechanica and they had TWO DRUMS! TWO DRUMMERS! It was sooooo good. I love that shit.

This morning I got Pride of Baghdad by B K Vaughan in the mail. I can't wait! It's about these lions living in war torn Iraq. The lions talk in the word bubbles. Oh boy.

Wearing skirts makes me feel more frisky. It's like all there, like just, you know ... THERE. I can feel the goddamned breezes, or "air sluts" if you will. Teazes those breezes.

I, much like everyone else with brain cells, am eagerly anticipating the Borat movie, which I will surely enjoy- but it's kind of making me sick. He's really saturated everything. Their PR people kick ass. Unfortunately he is so likeable that kind of like Napoleon Dynamite, I anticipate that people will kill the fun of Borat. Indeed, Sexytime Comedy show is named after a Borat-ism.

And lastly but not leastly, I have a new intern who works for a bakery and brings me treats EVERY time he comes in! I feel like such a special lady!!! Although I've gotten more flowers and candy from gay porn boys than any man I have ever dated. Oh well. That's a fact I can accept. Because I have to.

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