Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear people who call other people "sluts".

(note: if you don't like rants, you won't like this!)
Are you serious?! Someone who uses that word and means it reflects so poorly on that person's character. First of all, when a person uses the word slut it probably comes from some fucked up, hostile, bitter place inside of a person. I imagine that place houses other selfish hateful urges like the "I'll show them some day when I'm famous" kind of thoughts. It's either mouthed by someone who is jealous, insecure, puritanical or sexually frustrated.

AND I HATE people who judge others.

There's people out there who I dismiss and hate- but not based on surface shit like what they do- because what they are doing could be a mistake, naivete, or the result of livin and learnin. Everyone is flawed. All strong people are equally weak in some way or another. I despise gossip and people who hate on celebrities. It's fun to make fun of them, especially when they do something obviously heinous like rape people, but how can people give Lohan and Paris Hilton such a hard time? Who gives a fuck about girls wanting to party and get out of hand? So many people hate these girls so much but celebrity is so absurd and I'm sure it's difficult to handle. I can't imagine the embarrassing things taken out of context that people would hate on if I was followed by paparrazzi.

I hate that we live in a world where people get a hard time for fucking up now and then. The world would be so boring if nobody acted like an ass on occasion. I don't like coke, but I'm glad Kate Moss did it in public. Because that's what autonomy is all about- doing what you want and not giving a damn. I'm glad that society is not so sterile that you don't see people make mistakes. It's precisely what's wrong with elections and campaigns- people are expected to be perfect with flawless records, their words easily twisted into smear campaigns. Anyone with a flawless past is probably a weirdo and should not be running this country.

So back to the slut thing ... can you really judge a girl for that? How much is too much according to any of you motherfuckers? I remember being called a slut in high school. It's because I've never had a problem talking openly and honestly about sexuality that I guess I gave off that slutty vibe ... but it was hilarious because I was a virgin in high school and I never gave a blow job in high school either. It's not scientifically possible to be a slut under such circumstances.

And sex is totally great. Anyone with brains knows that. If a chick is promiscuous- how can people out there hate on that! I think that when someone gets some and it's good, a high five is in order. PLUS guys love sex- how can these same guys who want to get some from ladies, hate on the very same ladies who give it up to them? ARG!

Being cool is about being able to dismiss your care for what others think. Calling someone a slut and expecting them to care just shows that you think it's important for others to modify the way others perceive them for the sole purpose of vanity and public appearance.

Maybe you've heard this all before. But I'm putting it out there again. You fucking sluts probably love this shit.

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