Thursday, November 16, 2006

The death of Heather Reznor?

Yay! This morning I just got my first metion in Metro's gossip column for Michael, and me n Brandy are in AM NY's listing for Sexytime tomorrow night! (also in Time Out NY and the Onion yay!)

Anyways it was another busy day, but not too busy for me to talk about myself to lots of people- my fave thing to do!

So here's the letter I just wrote to the people I do business with, it may explain some things to y'all:

Dear friends and esteemed colleagues,

I was going to write a goodbye letter to the adult industry this week. I was recruited to work as editor of a new website for a major media company. The job was incredible- I would select and oversee the content - including funny videos and music. The company is based in Paris with offices in New York and Italy and I would be able to travel and seek out arts and entertainment all over the world. And that's not all. There was a goddamned waterfall in the fancy ass office building.

I turned it all down to continue working in gay porn.

Maybe I am some kind of crazy mofo not to be trusted around your children. (probably true as it were)

Or maybe I love this job and Lucas Entertainment is just that great. No maybes. It's great.

Though there've been times when I wanted to KILL Michael Lucas and hang him by his Magnum XLs, at the end of the day, I love this man. A lot. And that means something because he won't even put out for me. (that pesky gay thing) These past months of butt eating and weiner touching have really meant a lot to me. This job is the most fun and interesting thing I've ever had in my life, and it's a privilege to be here.

I made this decision because I realize that I am happy already. I am not going to gamble with something as important as happiness to move to some fancy new job. I believe in myself enough to know that when the time is right, I'll be able to take advantage of new opportunities.

And of course it doesn't hurt that Lucas matched their salary, gave me a new assistant, and FRIDAYS OFF!!! Seriously. That was what made the deal for me. My job as Publicity Director for Lucas had become such a monstrosity of a responsibility, that it interfered with my life's ambition: to be a comedy writer. Now I have Fridays off so that I have time to write and pursue my dreams. I sure as fuck hope that I didn't make the wrong decision, but either way, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I love these homos and smut peddlers!

Finally I'd like to say how much I look forward to the future of Lucas Entertainment. As I watch this young company mature into the fine cast of characters that compose Lucas Entertainment today, I am so proud. From our company's nefarious (JK, LOL, he's the shit!) namesake, CEO and star, Michael Lucas to Tony DiMarco, our endlessly talented Creative Director, to Richard Munguia, our dedicated Director of Sales, to Anthony, our fastidious accountant, to Edmond, the graphic arts genius, and Bryan, our meticulous Production Manager- I'm surrounded by a hardworking and amazing group of people.

Much love,

Heather "gay porn 4 life" Reznor (aka, Heather Fink, and you can call me either)

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