Tuesday, November 28, 2006

golf the pain away

Ok- so the weekend.
It started off f'ing great. My friend and incredibly funny comedian Jordan invited me to this once a year party thing thrown on T-giving eve. I went last year and there were tons of celebs, but this year was better for 2 reasons- I've gotten over my fear of celebrity (used to find it intimidating and nauseating and weird when I know who a person is and they don't know me), and the people there fucking kicked ass. Oh, and the whisky and the dancing (faves of mine). What was especially cool was that on top of the NY celebs I've seen around town, there were LA ones I've never seen before. Including these highlights:
- The hot dude from the office (american version)- who is SO HOT in person. He has skin like a magical baby.
- Ben Gibbard! I never imagined I'd see him at a party. He seems too emotionally fragile to drink.
- Matt Dillon and Ethan Hawke- 2 really hot older ny famous people. Didn't talk to Dillon but spoke Hawke and he is a really nice dude. (related item: Julie Delpy's Waltz in Before Sunset)
- Artie Lang- nicest famous people encounter ever. And to think that back in my porn hating feminist days I used to hate Stern and all of those on the show (don't any more). Might he do a Hoboken Comedy Night? Maybe :) fingers crossed anyways.
- Heather Graham, still hot, still lame.
- Jimmy Fallon- nice, cute, on coke. I think. Maybe he's just like that.
- Dave Attell- Really drinks like that.
And if you think I'm bragging- I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO. I'm still a nobody, and I'm not cunty or jaded enough NOT to care about meeting these sorts of folks. Please crown me in douchehooddom if I stop caring about such things.

Thanksgiving- nice. Fine. Lovely. Tasty. Family

Friday- Oh what a nice day! I set my mom up with an Ipod for the first time- taught her how to do all the ipody things she needs to do. Went to the hardware store and bought cool shit for the new apartment. It was lovely. UNTIL DINNER TIME.
All fucking bloody piss and hell broke loose. What can I say? Me and my sister are opposites. I want to say I hate her but I can't because I don't. But maybe sometimes a little. I just want her to be happy, but not to actually have to spend time with her. Because it always turns into something awful. I can't explain it. I feel weird saying it. But if I can just say this- she voted for Bush. We're different. In every damn way. But we are both venomous little fighters. It's intolerable. And some people took sides. That hurt for me a good deal. I left.
And even so I think such things are normal and love my family.

That night I had a great time. Hit the driving range at Chelsea Piers with good company, saw Volver (it's AMAZING and Penelope Cruz must be nominated for Best Actress at the oscars. And it's funny. And listen to this clip of her singing- anyone know if that's her or lipsyncing? My word she is lovely.)

And on Saturday I was forced to be civil and pretend everything was ok and see my family at a thing on long island with extended family. And it was really extremely pleasant and forced me to be nice with them when I'd rather go on longer without speaking. But what also lifted my spirit a great deal was cruising down an unusually traffic-free LI Expressway in a good car listening to my music really really loud.

Later that night I saw a really really great comedy show with good friends and then Brandy had a party and I did my favorite thing- get wasted at Brandy's and get all belligerent. And then I crashed on her floor and woke up with an achy body. But it's ok. Because I like floors. Your pants on them. Your mom's pants that is.

Sigh. Exhausting weekend. I see NY Mag's topic of the week is burnout- I anticipate that. I have more on the calendar (not complaining though, it's stuff I look forward to) in December than I've had in any other busy month. Somebody order me a happy ending please.

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