Wednesday, November 01, 2006

There will be NO pictures today.

Listen, I am not like the rest of you douchebag motherfuckers that go around losing your cellphones and your damn furbies all the time. I have never lost a cell phone and always hang on to mine till I can get a free trade up.

But last night I had a great time and took losts of amazing pictures with friends, costumes, and even famous people! Famous people pictures are always great.

I'd really love to show you my great pics, but I left my damn digital camera in the cab last night. At least I think so. Cause I was reminiscing in the elevator on the way out looking at my pictures, most especially enjoying my pic with super cutie Paul Rudd when I looked up and saw him standing in front of me. Yes I do remember that.

Man, I got all Tara Reid/Lindsey Lohan wasted last night. BUT I was like really responsible. I went back home to Hoboken with my wallet, cell phone, and my self esteem. For some reason like 5 former people I've made relations with in the past called me, but I slept alone like how a lady sleeps.

ARRGG. I just CANNOT get over this digital camera thing. It's pissing me off so bad. Oh and I misplaced my Debit card too. Not freaking out about it though cause I checked and no charges were made.

Eh, who am I gonna fool ... something about waking up without your debit card and your digital camera gone makes a lady feel like an ass. Somebody hug me. It's pout like a little baby time up in here.

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