Thursday, December 21, 2006

After a storm comes an even larger clam, and then, well, you know. A larger storm.

Last night I saw Casino Royale. It had really strong dialogue, made me want to travel, and it was VERY well made, BUT I just don't find Bond all that interesting. I recommend it as a solid piece of entertainment, but to me it's kind of like a football game. Football games happen all the time. One team wins, the other loses, sometimes they tie. Each game is its own drama in itself, but they all seem the same to me. That's how I see Bond and TV shows like CSI or Law and Order- it can be well done and all, but meh ... just not capable of showing me something interesting that I am gonna care about. Like robots or swords (i.e. Terminator, Kill Bill).

Loved this character played by Eva Green EXCEPT for when she got all weak and cried like a dumbass. She is a hard ass spy, there's no crying in being a hard ass spy. And there's most especially no showering in your fancy outfit, shaking your head like you're in the damn Crucible or something.

Afterwards I was at an eatery and the sound of Alan Rickman's sly, bellowy voice soothed and comforted me the way only Rickman can. Not because he was on the telly in the background, but because he sat with a table of friends behind us and his dinner conversation carried over. I liked it.

In my life lately, I've been dealing with grown men who act like a bunch of little baby sissy boys. I always find it humorous/disturbing when grown people result to childlike behavior such as being "tattle tales", gossiping and getting all catty. That's all I am going to say about that.

Ok, Sexytime is tomorrow night. Git your tickets now! It's going to be a kick ass time and fun for all.
Also, tomorrow Margot Leitman is performing on Sexytime. Check out her insightful essay on fuck buddies up at Hello Hilarious.

Check it:

These are my boys. I have the most bestest interns in the whole wide world, and here's 3 of them! They posed for my blog but I wasn't sure if they wanted their names out there so I'll just tell you about them otherwise. One of them spoils me and brings me treats even though I tell him it's really not necessary. It's not, but man a lady does love herself some treats! He's the perkiest fellah out there and a ball of energy always great at cheering up. Then another one is my new assistant. He's hilarious and a smarty pants. He goes to a fancy school and studies fancy things. He's even gone out drinkin with me on occasion and I love it! Another one is the sweetest thang I ever did meet. He goes to school upstate so he's only with us over the summer and on holiday break. He's really cute and doesn't know it. And another one who's not pictured here started out as an intern and now has an office job. He's like a friendly, gay, asian version of Daria. His dry, intelligent humor is appreciated on a daily basis. My office attracts a lot of great people because for gay dudes, it's a great place to meet other cool gay dudes. Plus it can be a fairly fun and entertaining place. Anyhoo this is a hoooray for my boys. They are one of my most favorite things and I love when they are around. I try to be a nice boss lady even though I ask them to do boring stuff sometimes. But I don't want to do that stuff. So they most certainly have to.


Moreover, I am co producing a new comedy show with Adam Newman and Carlen Altman at Cake Shop called "Street Meat". We mix crazy lunatics off the street and subways (street performers, scientologists, flute players, whacky vendors- you name it) and comedians who are invited to perform what they would perform if they were a a street performer or vendor. And it will be interspersed with sketch and verbal banter btwn Adam, Carlen and myself. The first show is January 8th at Cake Shop on the Lower East Side!

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