Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The nature of what I can only term as a “busy New York lifestyle”, where I have my weeks almost entirely mapped out, where evenings are doubled booked in parts where one half is dedicated to one thing, and the later half to another … well, it causes some mild discomfort and a burning, itching sensation that is not between my legs (for once). Sure, there’s something innately fancy feeling about being “too busy” for this and that, prioritizing and turning things down. But the unsettling feeling that comes from never having enough time for the simple things – laundry, writing, hanging up my clothes, shooting the shit with friends- all the comfort that comes with the ordinary elements of living, well- I’d easily trade that feeling of douchy self-importance for all of that- most especially the ability to truly absorb all the things happening on a daily basis.

I feel surrounded by rough edges and feel as though everything is leaking, dripping, seeping slowly.

I don’t feel like my life is spiraling out of control.

I don’t feel like I can’t handle it.

Just … drip, drip, drip … a sound I can’t ignore … the ever present threat of overflowing fountains.

PS- Shoes


I perform tomorrow(Thursday)
Grandma's Candy Box
BAR NONE on 3rd Ave between 12 th
and 13th streets. Show starts at 9:30pm.

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