Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh dear diary

it's been so many days, where do I begin?

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Last night we had the red carpet premiere of the rated R version of La Dolce Vita. I've never put together an event of this scale before so I was basically really nervous every second that I could pull it off. My boss is a tough customer and very quickly lets me know when I've screwed something up. And I couldn't screw this one up. There were all these little things I didn't think of, like ... wait a minute ... these people will be here for a while around dinner time- they need food! And so there's no decent day-of catering places at good prices so I ran to Dean and Deluca (would have much preferred Trader Joes but it's not located close enough to the venue) and put together some plates with whatever odds and ends I could muster, we made little programs, figured out how to bring 200 large swag bags to the location, figured out how to get an actual red carpet there, checked on rsvps, needed mix cds for reception, rigged the screen and projector (I didn't do that), blah blah blah boring stuff.

And then I felt even more nervous because I have a small role in the film as a tv reporter and I knew that people would see me and I feel more like a behind the scenes person here than an in front of the camera person (I usually like to separate my Fink and Reznor identities ... Fink likes the stage and the camera very much so, Reznor's just tryin to do her job).

Well, it went very well and we pulled it off. It was such an unusual event and I was really nervous about how the crowd would respond to the movie- once again, this thing is about an hour and half with all of the naughty stuff taken out so it's like a real movie. Well they were all very loud and uproarious like it was Showtime at the Apollo. Lots of silly comments, laughter and clapping. What surprised me the most is that the crowd went nuts when I was on screen! It made me so squeemish- my boss does not like to be upstaged! Fortunately he was the focus of the whole event and the film so I think he was pleased and he saw how much everyone enjoyed everything. Anyhow I guess people responded so positively to me on screen because I deal with all the press and Michael's friends all the time so maybe it was fun for them cause they all know me or something ... so yeah, I am officially an adult film star, without showing any skin- who woulda thunk?

In the end I asked Michael, Are you happy? And he said yes, and he meant it. Sigh ...

Things that went wrong:
- We were supposed to give out Savanna Samson's wine after the event- they ran out super fast and I heard they charged 3 bucks! Bastards!
- I'm really annoyed at some people who complained that they weren't invited to this thing AFTER the event- like hours after. Why couldn't they think to say something beforehand so they don't get their panties in a bunch?

But that's pretty much it as far as I'm concerned. People had a good time and liked their fancy swag bags and so that's good. I think some good press is to follow in the next few days so humph. All's well that ends well.

La Dolce Vita

Moving on, highlights from the weekend:
Went out in Lower East Side Friday night. Was at this place called "Belly" on Rivington and they played good music and old hippy videos from I dunno what but it was neat. And then to my surprise a lady stripped down to her underpants and started dancing around. It was unusual given that it was a very ordinary bar. Later that evening I got myself a really great cubano sandwich and returned at the end of the night for flan to-go which I ate in my bed, very pleased with its tastiness.

Saturday I met up with some old college buddies. One very interesting fellow in particular, mister TJ Miller, who I hated in college. Actually, does your mind sometimes mix up memories from the past? Like you only fully wrap your head around parts and gists of things but not such a things' true essence? Well um, I did that I guess. I had completely forgotten about a time when we were "real good" friends and various fun that was had many years ago. I did remember doing a scene with him in an acting class and it being rather lovely ... but most details were lost to me.

I specifically remembered hating him. There was one comedy group in college- it was pretty good and they did all the things I was BORN ta do- and one person from my year that was chosen to be in that group and it was him and not me and that really pissed me off. Especially since I tried out the next year and didn't make it again, was told it was cause they didn't want a lady that year, and a sub par individual was in the group instead. BALLS. I think I blamed it on TJ but now that I am older, wiser, and less of a douchebag (kinda maybe I hope?) I realize that's not fair or accurate. Man what a baby I was ... And when I talked with him on Saturday he flat out said- yeah dude, you were mean to me ... Sheesh. I guess that's what happens when someone gets in the way of Ms. Fink's raging ambition. And knowing that is a little embarrassing. Like when I read old blog entries I wrote 2 years ago. I think a lot of them are idiotic and foolish. One learns a lot every year, eh?

Anyhow. I got really really wasted and drank lots of whiskies and had a nice time. Plus I really respect TJ's comedy- he's runnin about being a comedian same as I, and it's much nicer to be friends with such an individual. Plus we had lots o fun. And later that night I puked a lot (too many whiskies, so little absorption?)

Sunday I enjoyed Shayna's "I'm going to Asia" brunch, parked my car in Hoboken, went to an antique store and got some treats (including a beautiful and fancy old costume jewelery necklace which the old lady told me "would take me anywhere" so I'm fairly certain it's magic because things usually are when old ladies say things like that about them), caught the relatively boring movie, "Stranger than Fiction" and was impressed by the acting of Will Ferrel and Emma Thompson, and had Shabu Shabu with Mr. Gregor.

Ok diary, have a nice day and don't choke on any clams. I just have this awful feeling that you will choke on clams today. Call it my sixth sense. RIGHT NOW I DEMAND THAT YOU CALL IT THAT.

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