Friday, December 29, 2006

OMG almost no more 2006! SUSPENSE.

I made some year end reflections: Mathematics of a Year
Last Year's welcome to 2006.

Found on Youtube:
Ness Jenkins, The Face of a Killer

It's time for a vote- A Princess Vote!




Hurry the poles close soon!

Tuesday January 2 at Mo Pitkins catch me n Brandy doing sets at Chicks N Giggles.

Check out this new show:
Street Meat
The fantastic new LES show hosted by Adam Newman, Carlen Altman and
me. Comedy mixed with real folks from the street! Everything from
scientologists in the subway to flute players in the port authority.
At Cake Shop
152 Ludlow
Mon Jan 8
This show will feature Dave Hill, Carlen's Mom and her glowworm,
Trevor Williams, and another special street guest. Comedians either
do material about street vendors/performers or they get up on stage
and pretend to be one and then we interview them in character.

And Carlen from Street Meat did this really great little funny show, watch it here:
Carlen Versus.
And here's an outtake- Carlen's Mom with her glowworm.

And the next Sexytime is Jan 19 ... wooo hooo.

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