Saturday, December 30, 2006


I think this whole deal with the US turning Saddam over to Iraqi custody is really weird and sets a crazy/strange precedent. It's like we're this all big n better than you super civilized democracy and then we get all barbaric when it's convenient for us. I'm certain this was a well-crafted loophole. I mean the fact that we had and captured him as the world superpower we are is a little extraordinary, but to see that after his trial which was as song-and-dance as government gets, we put him into the hands of people we know will barbarically execute him is amazing.

Now I am not saying whether or not he deserved it. This isn't a discussion of the fact that this guy is an awful bad man and he deserved awful bad punishment for his crimes.

I'm just saying from a legal standpoint here when it comes to the UN or international law in general, that there really isn't any law and there isn't anything more powerful than the rule of states, ours in particular. Saddam's execution is a modern and dramatic example of how unevolved international law is since for better or for worse we can manipulate it with this kind of outcome so easily.

I think historically this is huge and will hang over the heads of international relationships for a long time. Is this an example of western and arab nations working together or against each other? That's what I want to know.

Anyhow it's interesting to see this whole thing play out along my life time. I remember being in 4th grade and seeing dartboards with Saddam's face on it. How disconnected we are as people from world problems yet how amazing is it that we share the language of who is evil and who is good. The gulf war began from remnants of the cold war and that's when wars became more about America asserting it's economic interests and propaganda on the world versus prior wars over territory and cultural domination. I think the fight against Al Queda is really similar to our fight against communism and it ultimately comes from the same place.

Fuck why am I typing this now? Because David ordered a bottle of wine at dinner.

I gotta go to sleep. I think I might have accidentally given myself a black eye. There's at least a little cut. I really hope I don't wake up with a black eye. Ok good night.

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